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  • India’s First Online Only Handmade Art and Craft Store.

    CSSGIFTS.COM (Creative Solutions and Services) India’s First Online Only Handmade Art and Craft Store.. With over 1000 handmade trendy yet Ethnic gifting products (and growing), CSSGIFTS.COM is the number one destination for all your gifting and Handicrafts needs.

    What started as a random idea to spread awareness on Art and Craft soon turned into a mission to make art and craft supplies available to artists and crafters across the country. Thus CSSGIFTS.COM was born. In the short time since it has started, CSSGIFTS has also shipped to every state in the country – right from Andamans to Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.

    CSSGIFTS is a maker and provider of high quality hand crafted customized Gifts for your loved ones. We have a range of Handmade Cards, Explosion Boxes, Love Albums, Heart Albums, Handmade Scrapbook,Suprise Boxes, and much more.

    We believe that nothing is as unique, personal or well-received as something that’s been lovingly handmade. That’s why, from our web team to our amazing store colleagues and Customer Services to our Founder, we share a love for craft that thrills and inspires us every day.



    Shivani Gupta (Founder) is well known art and craft designer of India. She is making difference to the society by spreading awareness on Art and Craft items to all level of society. She has been recognized by various state, national governments and many organization. She is specialized in innovative and creative designs and an avid lover and practitioner of all things crafts. With a versatile experience spanning craft projects both personal and professional, Shivani instinctively knows what a craft buyer would need and love.



    More than 500 crafts have been successful deliver to various countries like, Canada, US, UK, Gulf, Dubai, Malasia, Thailand, China, Japan, Hongkong, Shri Lanka etc.

    So there you are. Like we said, everything you wanted to know about CSSGIFTS.COM . Go Ahead! Shop for the art & craft tools that fascinate you, for ideas and tips or join our Facebook page at facebook.com/CSS.Shivani to showcase your craft projects.

    Like what we are doing? Or there is something that will help us get better? We would love to hear. from you. Happy Shopping!!